​A Few of Our Services

skylights (daylighting)

There are few things that people can do to their property that not only enhances it, but also pays for itself.  Skylights are one of those options.  Properly placed, a skylight can allow a business owner to cut off their lights and still have the same visibility inside their property.  As an added benefit, studies show that employees have higher morale and are more productive when exposed to natural sunlight.  ISR offers an array of daylighting options to suit your particular needs.  From tubular skylights to pipe daylight into offices with drop ceilings, to custom sized skylights to fit abandoned curbs already on your property, ISR can offer a solution to your daylighting needs.

equipment waterproofing                             

Sometimes when searching for leak issues on a flat or low sloop roof, the cause leads back to rooftop equipment.  This isn't often considered because the water runs the deck structure and leaks somewhere else.  When ISR determines that the cause of the leak is rooftop equipment, we will seal your unit with a state of the art rubberized roofing compound.  This material will completely waterproof your unit.  The added benefit is the white material will dramatically lower the interior temperatures of your HVAC units, helping them to operate at peak energy efficiency.

Hourly Service Repair                                                    $83.00 per man hour

Most service work will fall under this category.  Billing will be handled on a time and material basis, which means there will be an hourly charge for all the time that our service professionals dedicate towards resolving your roofing problem and a separate line item charge for the materials used.

roof maintanence programs                                 Starting at $750 yearly

ISR will visit your site once a year to give a complete inspection of your property.  Services will include cleaning roof drainage systems, refilling pitch pans, sealing cracked termination bar sealants, and minor repairs.  Most importantly, our professional flat and low slope roof specialists will notify you of roof conditions that are likely to lead to problems, before they occur.  This will allow you as the building owner to avoid problems and property damage resulting from roof leaks.  The program is fully customizable to suit your company's and property's needs.


Reroof or major repair

ISR always gives free detailed quotes for major repairs or reroof projects.  We also will give you forecasted quotes for budget purposes.  If you are considering a reroof project, please allow our trained service personal an opportunity to look at the project.  We may be able to figure out other options to extend the life of your current roof and save you thousands of dollars in the process.