​Our Story

Industrial Solutions Roofing was founded in 2011 by Greg Huffman.  His philosophy of the construction industry set him apart from his competitors early on.  The basic premise of ISR's corporate philosophy is, “We are in business to make our customers' jobs easier."  That viewpoint permeates our entire business culture.  We make ourselves adapt to your company's practices.  

With the vast majority of our projects occurring on occupied buildings, we know how to communicate with customers' employees to ensure smooth projects.  

The scope of all our projects are clearly laid out in the beginning.  We have all been involved with projects when either the customer or the contractor thought something was supposed to be included or excluded, but was not.  This always results in projects being more difficult than necessary.  We strive to make sure that everyone is on the same page before contracts are signed.

We stand behind our work.  In the construction industry, all a company has is its reputation.  If there ever is a concern about any work performed by a member of the ISR staff, we will make it right.  It is our goal to satisfy every customer we are fortunate enough earn.  

Once everyone is satisfied with the job performed, the billing process is streamlined to suit your company's needs.  Large contractors tend to want to handle paperwork the way they are used to, and it may not be the way your company handles it.  This can lead to frustration, irritating and unnecessary collection calls, and miscommunications between the contractor and the customer.  ISR wants to work with its customers to be sure that every step of the project is smooth and seamless.

ISR has experience handling all the roofing needs of customers with roofs ranging from 1600 square feet up to 37 acres of metal, BUR, and single ply roofs on a single property.  Our service team stands by, ready and able to help you with any roofing need you might encounter.

What We Do

  • Full service commercial roofing contractor
  • Service all flat and low slope roof types
  • Install rooftop wind turbine systems
  • Install skylights other types of roof penetrations
  • Install green roof systems
  • Seal and waterproof leaky HVAC systems
  • Develop long term roof maintenance programs
  • Most importantly, we make your job easier by removing the burden of roof care off your shoulders.