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For a commercial, industrial, or institutional building owner, the roof of your building is one of the most critical elements of your property management programs.  With clients occupying those spaces, or potentially millions of dollars worth of equipment inside your property, a leaky roof cannot be tolerated.  Controlling the cost of your roofing programs, while maintaining the integrity and full lifespan of your investment, must be a top priority.  The problem many seem to face is how to deal with all the different types of roofs they may be responsible to maintain.  When a manager oversees buildings roofed with a variety of materials, such as BUR, single ply (EPDM, TPO, PVC, etc), metal, modified bitumen, and low rise foam, it can be difficult to know how to deal with each roof type, if you are not a professional roofing contractor.  That is when having a partner who will work with you, with your best intentions in mind, is absolutely critical.  


At ISR, our team will work with you to maximize the useful life of your roofing systems.  Covering all of western North Carolina and southwestern Virginia, we are ready to respond to any roof leaks you may encounter or set up a long term roof management program to extend the life of your existing flat or low slope roof system.

How can we help?

  • Full service commercial roofing contractor

  • Service all flat and low slope roof types

  • Install rooftop wind turbine systems

  • Install skylights other types of roof penetrations

  • Install green roof systems

  • Seal and waterproof leaky HVAC systems

  • Develop long term roof maintenance programs

  • Roof cleaning 

  • ​Preventative maintanence programs 

  • Most importantly, we make your job easier by removing the burden of roof care off your shoulders.

Ensuring a Reliable Roof for Your Business

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Commercial Roofing Article of the Month

Effects of extreme cold on built up roofs

Extreme winter temperatures bring unique issues with built up asphalt roofs, including cracks and splits that show up after a night of extreme cold.

THE PROBLEM.  Extreme cold temperatures cause asphalt to dry out and shrink.  When this happens the asphalt cracks the same way lips or skin do when dry and cold.  The most common way of fixing these cracks is with a three course asphalt repair.  Beware that three course patches fix only the symptoms of the problem, just as cracked hands are not healed by putting on gloves.  In order to fix the cause of the problem, moisture must be replaced with a resaturant, similar to putting lotion on dry and cracked hands.  Omitting this crucial step will guarantee that the crack will continue beneath the repair and show up again later.

THE SOLUTION.  Make it a point to ensure that any workers performing repairs on your roof after extreme weather include a resaturant (like Karnak 198).  The three course repair should consist of resaturant, asphalt fabric, and then a top coat of a quality asphalt.  If any asphalt repairs do not include resaturant, you are receiving an inferior repair that will require more attention, and expense, in the near future.